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  • Marketing to Generation Y:  What You Can't Afford Not to Know
  • Stop the Brain Drain:  How to Keep Top Talent From Walking Out the Door
  • Living in the Hot Zone:  Cutting Edge Strategies for the Modern Day Leader
  • High Impact Leadership: Transforming Behavior to Drive Performance

”Undoubtedly the most energizing session at the 2007 ICF annual coaches’ conference was the one led by Bea Fields, one of the authors of Millennial Leaders: Success Stories from Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders, a new book that introduces us to some truly inspiring young people who are already accomplishing great things at quite a tender age. Bea brought along a couple of these young leaders to give us their own take on Gen Y, and they held a large audience of (mostly) aging Boomers in rapt attention”.

Beth Bloomfield PCC, CMC®
Bloomfield Associates, LLC

BNI was privileged to hear Bea Fields, Leadership Coach and Author, speak to The 2008 Sandhills International Business Networking Conference. Bea is a truly remarkable and gifted communicator who possesses a strong stage presence and the ability to capture and keep the attention of a diverse audience. In a short time, Bea delivered an information rich speech, providing a broad overview of the focus of one of her books, Millennial Leaders. Bea clearly demonstrated that she is knowledgeable and a consummate professional, who thinks quickly on her feet, while delivering eloquent, fact filled and entertaining presentations”.

Wayne Gomillion, Real Estate Broker
BNI Assistant Area Director of the Sandhills




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